The Edge is a unique recording facility that provides absolutely unparalleled audio quality at very reasonable rates, in a comfortable, private environment and with a very personal touch. This has been achieved through careful planning, including precise equipment selection and uncompromised acoustic design.

The Edge provides fully accurate reference monitoring ... so what you hear is what you get, therefore mixes don't change when played elsewhere.

The Edge uses KRK 1303 main monitors; prototypes built personally by Keith Klawitter - The Edge is the first studio in L.A. to use KRK's. We also have Yamaha NS 10's for nearfield monitors.

The recording console, manufactured in England, is a British Dynamics Model 3000, selected for its warmth, articulation and "punch," and is further enhanced by custom modifications including P&G faders, Dean Jenson microphone preamps; featuring his world acclaimed design and transformers. This provides our clients with the ability to obtain wonderfully warm and tight analog sounds prior to going to the digital domain.

Our outboard gear features an assortment of compressors, limiters, expanders, reverbs, and delays by Lexicon, Eventide, Urei, DBX, Yamaha, Avalon, and Alesis, among others.

Our microphone selection includes microphones by Shure, Electrovoice, Sennheiser, Neumann, and AKG.

We also have a collection of unique custom microphones which are one of a kind; personally modified by David Royer and Allen Sides.

Finally, The Edge exudes an intangible quality, allowing an artist to feel comfortable ... therefore, giving their absolute best!